About us

True beauty comes from within. This saying makes a very good point. As a general practitioner specializing in internal medicine I know how much vitality and functionality is connected to the health of the inner organs. That is why we here at Downtown Clinic have made it our goal to provide the knowledge needed to make informed medical decisions and to offer regular checkups along with advice and counseling for maintaining good health.


In our office you can expect to find qualified and friendly caregivers at the ready with a smile. We take a personal interest in each of our patients and will be on hand to answer all your questions. Our friendly manner will help reduce your worries and accelerate your return to health. Every member of our team takes part in regular medical training courses so that you can benefit from our knowledge of the latest scientific findings and medical treatments.

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Ms. Cemile Kanak (MFA)

Disease Management Program administration
Quality Management
IT administration
Diabetes counseling

Ms. Janina Drzwinski
Reception desk administrator
Immunization counseling
Nutrition counseling

Diabetes counseling
General checkups

Skin cancer screening and administration
Controlling und material management

The team and support staff